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Dr. Michele Garabedian Stork




















Dr. Stork is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology/Educational Leadership and Program Coordinator of the M.A. in Instructional Design & Ed Tech program in the College of Education at Florida Gulf Coast University. Her practitioner-focused research is deeply rooted in the real-world needs of educators, leaders, and students alike. Central to her research interests is the exploration of best practices for fostering effective collaborative partnerships, specifically in the context of supporting strategic educational initiatives.


In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, these collaborations can serve as pivotal touchpoints for aligning resources, strategies, and goals to achieve measurable impact in learning outcomes. By harnessing the synergy between organizational leadership, innovative design, and cutting-edge educational technology, Dr. Stork aims to identify pathways that not only enhance the teaching and learning experience but also promote systemic change within institutions.


Furthermore, Dr. Stork is passionately committed to the principles of equity and empowerment in education. Recognizing the disparities in access to high-quality learning experiences, her research delves into strategies to ensure that every learner, irrespective of their background or circumstances, benefits from inquiry-based educational opportunities. This commitment extends from K-12 settings through higher education, ensuring that our future practitioners are not only well-informed but also equipped to thrive in diverse learning environments. In collaboration with like-minded peers, institutions, and community stakeholders, she hopes to contribute to a body of knowledge that paves the way for more inclusive, innovative, and impactful educational experiences for all.


Dr. Stork is a professionally certified Florida K-12 educational leader and educator. She is the chair of the School Planning and Accountability Advisory Committee for the School District of Lee County, an editorial board member and incoming Managing Editor for the Journal of Formative Design in Learning, an editorial board member for Leading and Learning, and is a past President of the Technology Integrated Learning (TIL) division of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT).


For a complete list of Dr. Stork's professional accomplishments, please view her curriculum vitae.